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McDade, James Edward (1872-1953) former Assistant Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools was born in Cataract, Wisconsin, on June 11, 1872. He died August 10, 1953.

Mr. McDade was a teacher and administrator in public schools of Chicago for over forty-five years. His dedicated career began in 1891 with an assignment as a teacher in the elementary grades. He held various teaching positions before becoming Principal of Farren Elementary School in the year of 1898.

He continued in the capacity of principal at the D.S. Wentworth Elementary School during the years of 1917 to 1928, when he was promoted to Central Office as Assistant Superintendent in charge of Elementary Education. He held this position until his retirement of June 11, 1937.

He was the originator of the "Mastery Unit Plan" of Individual Instruction. He pioneered the program of Non-Oral Reading, was patentee of fifteen educational devices in the field of Individual Education and was Editor of the Plymouth Press, Chicago 1916-1929.

James E. McDade Elementary School opened as a neighborhood school in September, 1961. Dedicated February 15, 1962 under the principalship of Dr. Angeline Caruso.

McDade School became a classical school program for academically talented students in September of 1978 for grades one through six. Full-day Kindergarten was added in 1987.